Knitter's Pride Nova Platina Double Pointed Needles

Knitter's Pride Nova Platina Double Pointed Needles

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Nova Platina needles are now chrome-plated with re-modeled tips that are more tapered and pointier.

The chrome finish lends that extra glow and smoothness to the needles that makes these stand out in comparison to all other brass needles in the market place.

Nova Platina needles provide a brilliant mirror finish that is decorative, provides corrosion resistance and is easy to clean.

Please note: we are transitioning from the Knitter's Pride Nova Platina to the Zings as our fully stocked line. As the Nova Platinas sell out, they will be replaced by the Zings. If you are looking for a particular size and don't see it here, please check the other page or get in touch with us by phone or email.