Moon and Turtle

Moon and Turtle

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Say hello to your new favourite designer duo, Kiyomi and Sachiko Burgin, twin handknit designers from Toronto / Tkaronto, Canada!

Kiyomi and Sachiko have long been admired for their talent to infuse unique and contemporary design details with classic knitwear styles, and their work is finally in published for with their first collaborative book, Moon and Turtle: Knitting Patterns with Variations!

Moon and Turtle contains 9 knitting patterns (4 garments, 5 accessories) which showcase an edgy, urban aesthetic! All the designs are customizable – think tall versions, adjustable sleeve lengths, different necklines, and gender-neutral patterns – so that they can be worn by as many people as possible!

The duality associated with identical twins is thoughtfully embedded into every aspect of Moon and Turtle. From the designs to the title of the book itself, there’s a quiet harmony in the idea that two things or people can be visually similar but also appreciably distinct. 

Digital download codes are included with each book.