Laine Magazine Issue 18

Laine Magazine Issue 18

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In Laine 18 — called Weekend Getaway — we take time to relax in a little cottage by the forest. The versatile and comfortable knits are suited for both indoors and outdoors, and they are the perfect addition to your wardrobe as the days get colder.

The knits of our autumn issue are a real treat for texture lovers! Olga Putano’s Saunseray sweater is full of easy-to-execute cables, and the interesting detail in Emma Ducher’s Orée jumper is the ribbed lines created with twisted stitches on Reverse Stock­inette Stitch. Ksenia Naidyon’s Barberry scarf features cables, moss stitch, Japanese wrapped stitches and simple lace.

In the articles, we meet the American knitwear designer and fashion historian Sydney Crabaugh, who specialises in vintage knits. Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklestone take us on an exciting tour to Shetland, and Jeanette Sloan introduces us to Tanis “Akutuq” Simpson, whose company produces yarn from qiviut: a fibre that comes from the under­coat of the muskox! 

Laine 18 includes eleven knitting patterns: five sweaters, two cardigans, one slipover, one shawl, one hat and one pair of mittens.