Alegria Colour Combinations

Looking to pair a variegated colourway with a matching solid of Manos del Uruguay Alegria? Here are our favourites:

(If you're looking to match with mohair, check out the Alegria-Mohair Page)

Tannat Tannat, with Blueberry, Cactus Flower, and Copper
Cusco Cusco, with Oxblood, Copper, and Blueberry
Cereza Cereza, with Carmine and Cactus Flower.
Genghis Kahn Genghis Khan with Popsicle, and Pescador
Butia, with Oxblood, Tumeric, and Sunflower Butia, with Oxblood, Tumeric, and Sunflower
Botanico Botanico, with Foil and Lush
Hurache Hurache, with Lush, Sunflower, and Tahiti
Fondo Fondo del Mar, with Tahiti, Blueberry, and Oxygen
Hike Hike, with Blueberry, Tahiti, and Paula
Peacock Peacock, with Taffeta, Cactus Flower, and Tahiti
Acero Acero, with Foil and Pescador
Cielo Azul Cielo Azul, with Foil and Blueberry
Ming Ming, with Blueberry and Cactus Flower
Colorado River Colorado River, with Wedgewood and Copper
Flow Flow, with Paula, Foil, and Petal
Cincuenta Cincuenta, with Celadon, Solar Flare, and Taffeta
Mangalar Mangalar, with Carmine, Blueberry, and Taffeta
Overo Overo, with Princess Pink and Foil