Alegria-Mohair Combinations

Looking to pair a fuzzy mohair with a matching solid of Manos del Uruguay Alegria? Here are our favourites:

(If you're looking to match solid & variegated Alegria, check out the Pairing Page)

Princess Thumbnail Princess Pink with DROPS Kid Silk in 04 Old Pink.
Celadon Thumbnail Celadon with DROPS Kid Silk in 01 Off White

Wedgewood Thumbnail Wedgewood with DROPS Kid Silk in 06 Blue Mist
Petal Thumbnail Petal with Rico Superkid Mohair Silk in 013 Blush
Tumeric Thumbnail Tumeric with DROPS Kid Silk in 30 Curry
Copper Thumbnail Copper with Rico Superkid Mohair Silk in 028 Terra 
Oxblood Thumbnail Oxblood with Rico Superkid Mohair Silk in 015 Wine
Cactus Flower Thumbnail Cactus Flower with Rico Superkid Mohair Silk in 021 Fuchsia